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Waxhaw Volunteer/Coach Risk Management Registration

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Welcome to Waxhaw Soccer Club!

Waxhaw Soccer Club, established in 1986, is proud to be associated with Waxhaw Athletic Association and the only Waxhaw Area Soccer Club member of NCYSA. We are a non-profit organization committed to developing the love of soccer within our players and our community. 

  • Our Micro and Early Developmental Program (EDP) introduce basic elements of the game in a non-competitive environment.  Our curriculum emphasizes individual skill development and having FUN! For players aged 3-6 years.
  •  Our Recreational Program is a great way for players to have fun, learn the sport and develop a love for the game. For players aged 7-15 (U8-U16).
  •  Our Academy and Classic programs offer a more competitive program for advanced players.  Tryouts for 2023/2024 season will be held April 25 through May 25, 2023. 
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Board Members & Coaches - Risk Management & Abuse Prevention Program

NC Youth Soccer (which includes Waxhaw Soccer Club) Risk Management utilizes the US Center for SafeSport, recognized by the US Olympic Committee to provide documents and education to help our membership with incidents regarding sexual abuse of minors. Instructions and the link to the SafeSport training is included within the Risk Management Application.  If you are a Board Member, Coach or Assistant Coach, you will be required to complete this course. 

Waxhaw Soccer Club Guidelines for the Sidelines

Supportive actions:

  • Cheer and applaud great effort and great plays by ALL players.
  • Cheer and clap for a goal regardless of which team scores.
  • Compliment players for nice passing.
  • Bring a chair, sit, and relax!  Sit on the sideline opposite of your team’s coach.  Where possible, place your chairs no closer than three feet from the painted sideline.
  • Ask your child if they had fun at the end of the game or practice.  Compliment them with specifics: “Great hustle out there,” “I’m proud of the way you defended,” “Your passing was awesome today.”

Actions to avoid:

  • Cheering only for your child.
  • Pacing up and down the sidelines.
  • Standing behind the goal or along the end lines of the field 
  • Providing ANY form of coaching or instructions during a game, or a practice.  Many times, spectators give players instructions because they believe they are right, and the coach is wrong.  Other times, parents are “just trying to help.”  Allow players to figure things out and allow coaches to coach.  
  • Coming on to the field if your child falls down or gets hurt.  The referee should blow the whistle.  If the injury is serious, the referee should allow the coach to come on to the field.  A parent should meet the coach as he or she brings the player off, if necessary.
  • Addressing the referee in any way other than to compliment him or her.  Referees don’t begin a game with bias.  They are there to use rules and judgment to make calls and keep players safe.  Like all humans, referees make mistakes.  Never shout at them during games, call fouls from the sideline, use poor body language (flailing arms, etc.), use poor language or moan loudly.  During the game, at half time, and/or especially after the game, never approach a referee to question a call or ask for an explanation.   These confrontations escalate or initiate unexpected conflict, and they never work out the way you intend them to work out.  
  • Criticizing your son or daughter’s play.  “You need to….” “If you would just….” “You can’t ______ if you expect to be great.”  “____________ scores goals.  Why can’t you?”   Whether it’s during the play or in the car ride home, you should find compliments and encouragement at this age.  Players of critical parents take on considerable pressure and are taught not to enjoy the game.   Find ways to help your child deal with social adversity or motivation.  

It seems that there are far more actions to avoid, doesn’t it?  It also seems strange that it’s so hard to simply cheer without ever getting frustrated or allowing your own competitive nature to get in the way of being supportive.  Cheering and being a positive support to everyone typically lead to positive growth.  Negativity and actions that we should avoid have far more serious implications.  

Soccer should always be fun for both players and parents.

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Meet our newest staff for the 2023/2024 season

Why Waxhaw?

"I am excited to return to Waxhaw Athletic Association as Director of Youth Academy.  My family and I are thankful for the opportunity to return to the Waxhaw community in hopes of making a positive contribution to the club.  I look forward to sharing my experiences with these young players and their families as they continue to develop.  Because of long standing friendships with the good folks of WAA, the decision was a relatively easy one in which to arrive. I have heard great things about the players coming through and the coaching staff in place.  I'm anxious to get on the field and get to work." - Coach Imler

Why Waxhaw?

"I am happy to be joining Waxhaw Soccer Club. It is a great opportunity to work with youth players and be part of a wonderful community on and off the field. The idea of overseeing the development of the U11 & U12 Age Groups and Coach within those age groups was very exciting to me. I enjoy these ages and this stage of development so hopefully I can bring my experiences and some enjoyment to the players as they grow and learn. I look forward to meeting all the Players & Families. Ready to build-on what has already been achieved and improve together."- Coach Andrus

Twenty-Four year old Matias Lopez earned his degree in Sports Science and Kinesiology. His domestic soccer playing pedigree includes stints at Velez Sarsfield, Lamadrid, and Estudiantes de Buenos Aires. He's had the pleasure an opportunity to be coached by Hugo Maradona, brother of Diego Armando Maradona.

Why Waxhaw?

"I love soccer, and I imagine that I have been playing since I was 3 years old...I'll never stopped playing. It's time to teach the players everything that I've learned in this long path."- Coach Lopez

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Proudly Sponsors: Waxhaw Soccer Club

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Proudly Sponsors: Waxhaw Soccer Club

Proudly Sponsors: Waxhaw Soccer Club